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Simula Tools Meetup

The Simula Tools Meetup is a bi-weekly meeting organized at the Simula Research Laboratory, where one person will present a tool or a software project that he or she finds useful. The intention behind these meetups is to share knowledge about tools that can help you in your daily work.

Upcoming meetings

Slack channel

We have a slack channel where we will post information about upcoming meetups. Click here to access the slack channel. Note that you need to be part of the Simula Workspace at Slack in order to access this channel.

In this slack channel we also encourage people to share tools or ticks and tricks that they find useful.

When and where

The meetings will be held in Nordmarka at KA23 every second Monday at 11.00. There will also be a link to a zoom meeting that you can use if you want to join remotely. Link to the zoom meeting can be found in the calendar.

Google calendar

To get notified of the upcoming tools meetups you can subscribe to the calendar

GitHub repository

We have a GitHub repository where we will share some of the content from the meetings.


If you have a suggestions for a topic or if you want to present and don’t know what to present, please check out this list of topics.

Previous Meetups

Below you will find a list of previous meetings (and if in some cases link to the corresponding material)


If you have any questions please contact Henrik Finsberg